I need your help in reference to an invisible flying parasite of some kind in my home that is literally killing me by the minute. This invisible parasite is biting and itching me everywhere on the body but it doesn't leave any rashes, bumps, sores, or anything on the skin. However, they do attack the back of the hands and wrist causing constant itching, so much so that I have to use a doctor's prescription cream to relieve painful itching hands and to avoid scratching them. If I scratch the hands , it will leave permanent scarring. When these bugs fly into my face or other body parts, it feels like a web like formation of some kind but I also feel single bugs crawling into my nose and other places while causing irritation. They seem to embed themselves deep into things and even my skin where they build a nest, mostly the groin area and chest or hairy parts of the body. They are everywhere and into everything in my home even the walls, ceilings, freezer, oven, and seem to hide more in the closets, cabinets, and dark areas of the home, or places that are not frequented often. Also, if I occupy an area of the home for too long , they will start attacking me like crazy, like maybe to the point where my whole body feels like it's on fire, so if I don't complete this letter, you'll know why. When I'm out in public places, I can feel these bugs flying out of my clothes and sometimes they get into my mouth and I begin to cough and choke. I have tried everything known to man and woman to get rid of these pests but nothing ever works. Currently, I am using a hand held steamer to steam everything in order to keep the germs at bay and to keep these pests somewhat under control but still I feel them biting and itching too often. I have to steam my entire kitchen down every morning before cooking because the bugs are everywhere and into everything and they're biting and itching me all over. My friends and relatives don't want to come over to visit because they claim they have been bitten many times by these pests and they don't want these bugs to attack them and wind up in their homes as well. This bug is contagious and goes everywhere I go. This problem is worst than death itself, and when these bugs attack my legs and other areas , my body feels like it's on fire. It takes me one hour to take a shower because these bugs are embedded deep into my skin. I also feel fatigued and very tired all the time and sneeze a lot as a result of these pests. My electric bill is extremely high because I have to machine wash my clothes and dishes more often. What on earth is this flying bug and how do I get rid of it?. or better yet, is it possible?