Can anyone help? They followed me into my car from a flea-infested building. I can't get rid of them. They are impossible to see as they must jump or move too fast, but the pin-prick bites and small red puncture marks are identical to what I experienced while in the building (and they were confirmed in that building as fleas by a professional, who added they were extremely small fleas). I sometimes feel them biting me or crawling almost immediately when in my car; at other times it can be an hour before they start chomping me. A pest control company told me that most of the effective pesticides for fleas have been banned. I have no pets. I have tried spraying (with a premise spray from a vet), bombing, using a Permethrin powder, boraxing, steam cleaning, professional shampooing, etc. etc. This is an absolute nightmare, and each time I come home I feel I must take a shower and wash my clothes to avoid bringing them into my house. Does anyone know how I can repel them from biting me? Is there ANYTHING that can kill them in the car? Thanks so much for any suggestions.