My boyfriend and I both have been experiencing the sensation of bugs crawling on our legs.
It started up again about 2 weeks or so.
It started slowly and gradually got worse. Neither of us had said anything to each other until 2 days ago when the feeling was so bad we each freaked out, thinking we were crazy. So in that moments we both realized we had both unknowingly been experiencing the sensation for the past 2 weeks.

The sensation is mainly at home while sitting on the couch.
Sometimes the sensation lingers for an hour or so.
It will feel like several bugs crawling at once, on the toes, feet, and lower legs. And maybe one here or there on the are or head.
Occasionally there will feel like a stinging "bite" sensation but rarely an actually bug bite can be found.
It basically feels like invisible mosquito's flying and crawling on the sking with an occasional mosquito bite feeling, without the actual "bite" effect.
We both get it.
It seems to be worse in the evenings.
Changing rooms helps, although the sensation may still linger, but feeling like only a few bugs remain.
We are both sober, non drinking, non drug using 30's, normal.
Occasionally the feeling also lingers even outside of the apartment. But more for myself then him.

After talking and looking back we realized: The sensation was first noticed about a year ago. At the time we thought it was a blanket, so we got rid of it. The intense sensation went away for the most part after about 2 weeks. But we've both had occasional episodes that neither mentioned over the past year.

Well, its back, and this time worse than ever.

We can not find or see any actual bugs on our skin.

Any thoughts!! Its really freaky!