I been getting bites on my body, face, & head. They also bites during the day. I can feel them crawling under my clothes. I bought new clothes to test if its my detergent. I go out in my new clothes for hrs & I don't have that feeling. But when I got home for like 20 minutes. I can feel them crawling on me. Also on my arms & legs when wearing shorts. But when I look I don't see anything there. The bites are small. It look like flea bites but doesn't have a blister when I pinched it & doesn't itch as much as flea bites. I've seen 1 very tiny, cleared long shaped bug at my old apt. And when I tried to catch it, it disappeared. I haven't seen it since then. I had 4 exterminators came out & they told me I don't have bedbugs. I already knew that. And that I need to find a sample for them before they can treat it. I thought that's the reason I called them so they can find out! One even ripped me off by telling me to have them send a dog (cost me $200) because he couldn't find anything. And that the dog can sniff out other bugs including mites. Then after they sent the dog, I found out their dogs can only sniff out bedbugs. When I already told them I don't have bedbugs! I kept calling tried to get my $ back. Of course they never call back or refund me. I just moved but they followed me to my new home. I been having this problem for more than a yr now. Please help!