Google brought me to this site because someone else had a similar question. Many years ago I picked up a coffee table from the trash of a dilapidated house. Not long after I felt "things" on my legs in my car. These spread indoors and were mostly active at night. Since then I have controlled them in my house pretty well. Sometimes feel them in bed at night - but the next day put on all clean bedding or throw in the dryer to kill them. BUT they are in my car. I have had several different cars since first getting them. I guess because the car sits in the humidity, etc. Then even if I don't feel them while I am in the car, shortly after I feel the little pin pricks or itches. I always take a shower shortly after coming home so as not to spread them. It is really bringing me down. So afraid to give anyone a ride in my car. I have tried pesitcides which only make the bite more stinging and the pesticides make me feel sick. Have tried "Kleen-free". Does no good. Tried bounce dryer sheets. They also made me feel overcome with perfumy fumes - but bugs still alive.

Please help.