Its true... after delivering a bed to a filthy customers house then moving my own furniture in the same truck I became infested. It has been several years since. I ignored the issue. These dam things jump fly crawl and bite. I feel them all the time anywhere I am. I've hugged people then watched them scratch their eyes. Its happened a bunch of times therfor knowing they jump or fly. I've had company and watched them scratch at their eyes hands arms face, anywhere. I'm so embaressed now its ridiculous. It is very dificult to see these things. Every once in a while if the light is right or if you just catch it at the right time ill see a tiny pin point sized white bug. I feel them biting me at night. I feel them biting at my leg right now. You can look at a spot that's getting bit and you can't even see so fed up I don't know what to do. I'm so embarresed cause people that feel things jump off me avoid me. They know something's on me. I am starting to believe that pestilence in the end is the answer.