I have read the invisible bite stories with no solutions. However, I do believe I know what is biting me (not my Mother) and sometimes my husband.

I rid our home of a fruit rat (live in Florida) that had made his/her way into my attic. It was around this time a little bit later that I noticed I was a meal for something and it was leaving bites all over my body. I also noticed there is a foul odor when you come upon them and they are "jumping you". Also, I started seeing these little black/brown dots and orange dots and little specks.

FINALLY, my husband and I put it all together (AFTER he saw the DOTS move and saw it was many of something) and started searching the internet to see if that rat being gone had anything to do with it. Well it appears so. That was their host. They don't leave the nest unless they lose their host. They have invaded me and my animals and my home! I am the only one that smells them.

These things love hair! I am still PRAYING DAILY and using a natural flea spray that seems to jar them but doesn't stop new ones from hatching. I am still searching for something that will kill these things once and for all so I can return to a normal life.

Right now I cannot sleep in my room. I have to wash clothes daily, spray daily, vacuum, wash down sinks and counters and drawers.

If anyone has found a way to rid these once and for all, please give me the secret? I have no way of finding the nest in the attic due to insulation and it would be impossible. Not to mention, I have to kill what is in the house and hatching.