I have most likely 30 plus Carpenter Bees, it seems like a lot more. They are centered around my back deck. It appears they are drilling into the bottom areas of the deck.

This is what I have tried to far.

1. I bought Carpenter Bee poison spray, I tried just spraying it around the area to see if they would just go away.

2. It says "kills on contact" well I sprayed dozen of them and they just seem angry. I did not see dead bees anywhere the next day and they were not dying on contact.

3. I have went out several times trying to spray water around at them, to try to scare them away,

4. Ok, I sprayed water hard at them, knocking them to the ground and stompped them. Ok I got rid of about 12 of them today, but this evening, it does not even seem like I killed any, they are still there in swarms.

If they would just damage something other than my deck, I don't mind them being in the back yard. LIke I would even put a post in the back to make them a home.