Yesterday , I was on my computer and my neck , my belly and especially my my back started to itch reallly badly since I was wearing a certain t-shirt (it was clean) but it found it on my bedroom floor (yeah I know -.- I'm a teenager I'm v e r y messy but I'm also super clean , so this is not the problem) At first , I thought it was lice , but I wasn't. So I took my shirt off to look on it if there were things that I could identify (the t-shirt was black) so I found these little white oval-circle bugs , it kind of looks like salt or something and it doesn't crawl or anything. They're soft and easy to cut with your nail. I also found them on my skin on the itching spots.! I freaked out!! I tied my hair, I took all my clothes, my sheets and my blanket and I put them in a garbage bag. I took every products that I found ; spay with bleach in it , powder to kill fleas ants and other bugs , windex and concentrated product to kill animals like mice (I know that those products aren't made to kill these 'bugs' but it was 3 am and I couldn't find anything on the internet) so I sprayed the products on my bed , on my carpet (I didn't put the thing to kill animals on my carpet ha ha -.-) on my decorating pillows, on the walls and on my bags, I washed e v e r y t h I n g in my bedroom and my washroom. I pass the dust buster to remove the powder 10h later. My mother doesn't believe me , she removed my things from the plastic bag , she washed my clothes but didn't wash my sheets , blanket etc. and she just put them back on my bed. I tried to convince her , but there's no information on the internet and she blames it on my sunburns and there is not way to convince her (it's not the first time I have sunburns , and it's completely different) My father laughed at me and said that I was crazy.I search on Google , it's not mites , it doesn't jump or fly , they don't look like mini mosquitos, it's not molds , they aren't biting midges. I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS THAT BUT I WANT TO GET RID OF THEM.
P.S: I didn't found any marks except a red spot but it was gone after 3-4 hours.
I hope someone can help me.. xx