HELP - :eek: The other night while in our basemenets "coal bin" I happened to look up and over to the right and seen a snake skin up on the subfloor (?) :confused: of the floor above - rafters - :confused: whatever you want to call it. :eek: Needless to say I am terrified of any snake - even a dead one creeps me out. :o

Our basement is stuffed to the top - totes after tote, Christmas tree in a bag, yard sale stuff (most in tote) - you name it and it is probably down there. I was getting totes separated when I seen it to get it out of here - I recently found freecycle! Now I can barely make myself go down there - it's great cause our shower is down there. Sniff, sniff - What is that smell? Yeah it will be that way if I don't know for sure it is gone. My son has no idea I seen a skin and my mom isn't sleeping well. If anyone knows how to trap it - just get it out - WHATEVER! PLEASE let me know. I'M A DESPERATE CHICKEN! How can I tell if it is poisionious? Well, how can someone else tell if it is? I am not going down there. I don't care if I have to drive to a relatives house to take a shower.

I live in OH - about 50 miles below Columbus. In case that is needed. I have no idea what kind of snake it is. As long as it's not poisionious - It don't matter to me what kind it is --- I DISPISE ALL OF THEM EQUALLY. Thank you for reading this and if you can help me PLEASE tell me what to do.