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    Aug 13, 2009, 09:06 AM
    Fleas in Apt
    Hey everyone...

    So recently I've had a horrible flea problem in my apartment. I've lived here for a year, never had any problems. I got a cat in February, kept flea meds on her with no problems, even when I took her to the ocean. I got new upstairs neighbours in June. They have 2 dogs. Ever since they moved in I've bombed my apartment with flea bombs twice, the flea meds aren't working on my cat and I'm getting eaten alive. I just bombed last Friday (6 days ago) and I am finding fleas on me when I sit in the living room, I'm finding them in the bathroom and my bedroom. I'm also finding dead fleas in the light fixtures.

    I bought the flea spray and I'm going to vacuum and put Borax in the carpet. I'm also going to talk to the manager about the issue, but what can I really do?
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    Aug 13, 2009, 01:23 PM

    When I was desperate because nothing else worked I sprinkled Sevin Dust on the rugs and later swept it up. You should leave the apartment with the cat for a while until you sweep it up.
    Also when you use the fogger or anything you need to immediately run the sweeper on the sofa, under the cushions and everywhere. Then empty the bag out in the trash can. Also wash all your bedding, towels and clothing so they can't hide in them.
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    Aug 13, 2009, 01:27 PM

    Yeah, after bombing I immediately washed/vacuumed everything and everywhere. They're coming from upstairs so at this point until the upstairs neighbours bomb, there isn't a whole lot I can do. I'm going to try Borax in the carpet, its supposed to help.
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    Aug 13, 2009, 01:47 PM
    I finally got through! Had a wi-fi snafu earlier. Sorry.

    You've made a start in the right direction. Keeping them off your animal and getting rid of the ones already there are the two main steps. You seem to have the animal going in the right direction, don't give up on her flea meds.

    She's being re-infested by the ones inside your home. Getting rid of them is kind of labor intensive.

    Flea Biology 101 - Fleas pupate inside a cocoon just like a moth or butterfly. They do not leave that protected cocoon until it's time to get the blood meal they need to breed and lay eggs. Bombs, sprays, powders, etc. cannot penetrate those cocoons. You need to get the flea to hatch itself out so it can be affected by the pesticide.

    Research has shown that there are three main factors in getting the adult flea to hatch out: temperature, humidity, and the vibration or pressure from a potential blood source passing by. As far as temperature and humidity go, guess who likes the same things we do? Yep.

    Setting up vibrations in your carpets and rugs can best be accomplished by the beater brush on your vacuum cleaner. The vacuum also sucks up eggs, some of the larvae, and the dirt the larvae feed on.

    To keep the ones you vacuum up from surviving, the flea powders for carpets help in a couple of ways: killing fleas and showing you spots that need more vaccuming.

    Keep in mind that every couple of days more pupae inside their cocoons will reach maturity, so vaccuming once won't do. Fleas spend an average of two weeks in the pupal stage, so vaccuming daily for at least that long is essential.

    Sorry about the book length answer, but if you know why you're doing something you can do it better.


    Keep the animal treated. With neighbor animals you MUST keep it up.
    Treat the home with a product to kill adults and a growth regulator to inhibit maturation.
    Sprinkle flea powder liberally on the floors after the spray/bomb has dried.
    Vacuum, Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum (14 times) every day for at least two weeks, maybe three.

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