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    Jul 16, 2005, 01:43 AM
    Earwig Problem in Upstairs Bathroom
    Hello, I am inquiring about wasp and earwig problem in my upstairs bathroom. I saw about 4 wasps within 2 days in my master bathroom over a week ago. Thereafter I visually saw one earwig drop out of that vent and then saw about 4 or 5 earwigs in that bathroom the next day and almost at least one earwig wandering in that bathroom or surrounding area every day or every other day now. Found 2 in my laundry hamper yesterday. I am suspecting that they are coming from my bathroom vent?

    I have not seen any wasps in over a week now. However the earwig problem has not gone away for the last 2 weeks? I keep seeing them upstairs in that bathroom or bedroom. However I do not see it in the other upstairs bathroom? If there were a problem in the attic, shouldn't earwigs be in both bathrooms?

    I am frightened to go up in the attic and dig through the insulation for wasps nests or earwigs breeding. So I resorted to calling up some exterminators. However calling them has been frustrating as well as I have gotten numerous different answers. Majority has told me they have never heard of earwigs problems in the attic. Some say I have a moisture problem. One said I have a wasp nest up there somewhere and the earwigs eat off that.

    I had one exterminator come by today and he did not crawl or walk around the attic. He opened the attic door, peered in with a flashlight and said he saw no signs of a pest problem. He claims that if I had a wasp nest, him opening the attic door would have prompted them to come out, being they are attracted to light. However, I am thinking, it was a cold cloudy day... if they are nesting in the insulation, why would they come out? Then he had NO CLUE why I was seeing earwigs so often upstairs. He claims they got tracked in via clothes... but I highly doubt that as I am seeing these things everyday. There is no way so many can be tracked in via clothes? He charged me nothing since he was unable to find a problem.

    However I feel unsatisfied because obviously there is a problem. From hearing about the characteristics of an earwig, seeing them upstairs everyday is not normal. Trying to solve this problem on my own is not going to happen since I am very fearful of wasps, insects etc. and climbing on the roof. Plus being that this is my first home, I wouldn't even know where to start to look or what to look for. I have asked a few friends for advice, but even they are perplexed on what's going on.

    So now that I am going to resort to an exterminator, where am I going wrong with getting a good exterminator in? Other quotes I have received, tell me they will charge me up to $185 just to look and I will get charged whether they find something or not? Is that the route I need to take? Pay someone to look? Perhaps if I pay them, they will do more than just peek up in the attic? Maybe they will actually crawl and dig in there for me? Or do I need to just sign up with a service like Orkin and do a yearly contract?

    Either way, I feel like I am about to get evicted from my own house with these earwigs. How can I find an exterminator that will dig through insulation for me, check my vents etc, and not tell me they have never seen this problem before?

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    Jul 18, 2005, 06:32 PM
    Paying for an annual contract is a way the service person gains commission and makes a little extra money.

    When choosing a respectable company

    Ask what kind of education do your techs have?

    When making your choice you should prefer someone who has is a degree or is working on a degree in entomology or related study and has been fully licensed by your state.

    Before accepting any quote have them do a though survey of your home. And identify areas of entry and how to eliminate them. This will prevent reinfestation by insects, spiders, and rodents.

    In the upstairs bathroom does it have a screen on vent to prevent wasps from entry?

    Are there openings around the exterior windows of the bathroom?
    Exterior wall are just as common entry points for wasps as attics. Fibreglass insulation used in most homes conducts light are the wasps being attracted to inside of bathroom by light from electrical outlets? Have you sealed the original opening that the wasps used to enter your home with a sealant? Wasps will travel through the wall to access new openings if main one is cut off.
    Did they try using a stethoscope or other listening device to listen for wasps in the wall?

    Earwigs are coming in from your vegetation around the building they enjoy damp humid areas. Remove or raise wood, bricks to eliminate moist areas around your home. Have you considered treating the exterior and interior of your home with an insecticide like permethrin? Or paying someone to do it for you? Without access to vegetation they will die off quickly in your home but if you have a very low tolerance a perimeter treatment will cause a quick die off.

    In the future releasing predatory insects like praying mantis or other preditory inscets in early in the spring can provide non chemical control around the exterior of you home so they will not come inside.

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