I have been living with drain flies for about 2 months inside my house.

I called an exterminator, he came up and sprayed a bit and he took the flies to a specialist to identify them as moth/drain flies.

They originally started in 1 bathroom, but now they are in every room in my house. I am in a Cape Cod style home built in 1950 and is on a concrete slab.

I have tried drain gel in all drains for a week with no real reduction. Then I cleaned all of the drains with a wire brush and poured in bleach and boiling water. I even covered all of them with some clear tape to see if they are emerging from my drains.. nothing stuck to the tape. Not sure if they are coming up from the drains.

Bleached the refrigerator tray and dried it.

They are in multiple rooms but seem to be most prominent in the kitchen, around the sink area and walls.

They coincidentally began appearing after a washing machine replacement in a room off the kitchen. I even put tape around the washing machine drain pipe and nothing seems to be sticking to it.

I am even noticing them on the outside vinyl siding of my home on warm days.

I cleaned all gutters to rule that out.

These things are driving me insane. Need help finding the breeding site(s)?