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    Feb 5, 2015, 07:03 PM
    Do spider mites bite and jump on people
    I live in a boarding house room and had done so for over a year and a half. I noticed something had me itching and scratching. I moved out of that room and with in a matter of days I was not only itching and scratching, but something started biting my ankles too!! It progressed and I thought it was a bed bug problem. The land lord brought in a some foggers and it worked for a day or two and I started getting bit again. She had a fumigator come I and said other people had bed bugs but n my room. 6 months ago I moved into a bigger room down stairs. I have searched for bed bugs but have found none, Still my ankles and m back get bitten night after night after night. The fumigator came back and said there is nothing in my room. Im not crazy. Something is in my bed my clothes and I the carpet and seat of my car. I sure is some kind of mite... I am working for a moving company, and my job wlll take me to another town up to a week at tme, IM AT PEACE FOR A WEEK. But not two minutes back in my room, there at me crawling on me and bitting me no matter what time of the day, but even worse a night. Ive tried fogger, sprays and now diatomaceous earth. Sit in a plastic chair and feel something crawl threw the fabric and bite me, but never find what is. HELP
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    Feb 6, 2015, 03:13 AM
    In your title you ask specifically if spider mites bite. In a word, no. Do you have spider mites? Probably not, they normally only infest plants.

    There are dozens, possibly hundreds, of biting insects and arachnids that could be infesting a rooming house. There are also several environmental conditions that can cause skin irritation that mimics bites. Since you say you've tried several insect related remedies, perhaps trying some environmental ones may be of more help.

    The most common factor in most environmental problems is humidity. Air that is moist can promote the growth of mildews and fungi that can cause skin irritations like athlete's foot. A dehumidifier will end up being cheaper than the total of the foggers and sprays and Diatom dust, it's just an all at once expense.

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