Did parasitehater1 find an answer to the white flying things? I am bitten, itching, feel crawling sensations in my ear, and find white fibers on dark colored clothings, furnitures and carperting. I don't have morgellons, and neither does my husband, we could not have contracted it at the same time. When I feel the crawling sensations in my ear, I swab with a q-tip and usually find a very tiny speck on it. The sensation then stops, but I don't know what it is. My skin seems to be more sensitive to the bites than my husband's. He feels them but not as oftern as I do. They seem to like me more, especially when I use the laptop or computer. I think they are drawn by the heat. I have to put it down, but I am a computer person, so it is difficult to stay away for long period of times.