We just received a letter from our pest control company (Company A) that we are due for a termite booster treatment. We have been given three options, and I quote.

"Option1: Allowing use of Termidor Perimeter plus eliminating some drilling and or treatment allowing us to keep your costs down which will require us to have a waiver signed for our records. This will in no way affect your coverage. Home will be under a 10 year annual renewable bond." Cost is $600.00

"Option 2: A full treatment with Termidor for a 10 year annual renewable bond, but with an increased labor and chemical cost we will add an additonal $150." Cost is $750.00 with an annual renewable cost of $120.00 per year.

"Option 3: Give us a call to inquire about our 5 year plan with Imidacloprid (Aggreszor 75 WSP), a slightly cheaper option. This is perfect for those who plan to sell their home in the next couple of years."

We called Company B to ask what they offer. Company B stated "Termidor Perimeter" has an 85% failure rate and they stopped using it 4 years ago. Company B is coming this week to give us a quote.

We will post Company B's quote after receiving it. In the meantime, we don't see anything negative on the internet about the effectiveness of Termidor Perimeter. How do we determine who to trust?? :rolleyes: