I am 50 years old. I did a secretarial course after I finished school. I did some easy courses after that such as a counselling diploma and a computer repair course. Apart from that my husband and I raised our children well. They are 22 and 18 now and we are happy with them. They are nice people. When I was 48 I realised I had never thought seriously about a career so I decided to study to be an Accounting Technician. I passed all my exams first time. A few people on the course who were 25 years younger than me were hurtful to me and told me I asked too many stupid questions about the topics on the course. One of our tutors was also hurtful and asked one of my friends on the course "are you being friendly with Mary just for a laugh". My friend was angry and told the tutor that she was friendly with me because I was good company. My friend should probably not have told me about this but she was angry with the tutor at the time for saying this. I got on well with the other tutors by the way. A lot of people on the course failed some exams and had to repeat. After the first year, one of the students who was hurtful to me said asking all the stupid questions must have worked for me. I explained to her that as I was the only person on the course who had no previous accounting experience I HAD to ask a lot of questions to help me understand. After I passed my exams I felt great for a while especially because I had challenged myself and succeeded and I'll admit it felt great to prove the bullies wrong. I have only been able to get temporary jobs since the course and again I'm having a hard time. I'm treated with little respect and given very little responsibility as I'm "only a temp". When people I replace are away I prove I'm able to do the job but when they come back even if I'm still in the job, my opinion isn't wanted. For example, I was taken on in a job for six weeks. During that time, the office manager became ill and there was a crises. I managed to sort it out even though it wasn't the reason I was there. I had people looking for my opinion and advice. I was able to help them as well as carrying on my own work. When the office manager came back my opinion wasn't sought again. I'm hurt that people can be so thoughtless. I applied for a permanent job in the company as they were interviewing at the time and they asked to see my cv. They said they were impressed with my cv, my attitude and my ability but in the end, didn't even give me the chance of an interview. This has happened with other organisations too. I'm so sick of being rejected. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can somebody please give me advice?