Ok so here is a really tough choice I have run into 😳 the place I live in is kind of crappy and there are others around that are trashy people. So far been here about 6 months everyone minds there business and landlord does fix important things. He also pays water and mows the lawn. The other sucky thing is there are stray dogs for days!! Well my daughter found two nice cabins in bfe there are NO neighbors and the one I will be renting is really nice. Same price in rent I'm paying now only thing is the guy renting them wants NO responsibility to any repairs on anything and we have to do yard work . Also the cabin she will be renting needs MAJOR work I'm talking plumbing and few holes in walls and floor. I really do like the fact that we would have no neighbors and the cabin we would be in is really nice. I'm just afraid of all the what ifs like if the stove or refrig quits that's on us. A water pipe busts it's on us. I just don't know if it's a good choice. Oh and it does not have a washer dryer hook up where the place I'm at does that's important. What should I do??