Hello everyone,

I am young adult and live with my parents. They take care of my necessities. Still, every once in a while, I am asked to leave home. My parents want to me to do one of the two things (as per our conversation) to stay at home and obey everything what they say. For example to eat when they say, to talk and to not talk when they don't want me to, and many more things. Other option is to leave home and stay in a hostel. I had also visited one in my city which was affordable and fulfilling basic requirements. I have started working as well. But the job pays monthly so I would have to borrow money either from my parents or my friends.

I am adult enough to manage on my own and take care of my career and things and stay secured. My personal view is to leave and pursue my career in order to prove my moral individuality.

There was 10 per cent of uncertainty towards making this decision. Therefore, I could not find any better place than this to be clear whether my decision of leaving home is understandable to you.