I'd like to help my girlfriend find herself a hobby. We've talked about it, I asked her to explain to me what makes her happy in her life, and I've come to a conclusion that the only hobby she's really interested in is watching television.

Now I know that's, first of all, not healthy. She can lie in front of TV for 8+ hours a day (not every day, but hey... ). Whatever she has to do around the house, or I ask her to do it with me, she is not happy about it. For example, I can talk her into helping me with making a cake, but she'll pretty soon get kind of "pissed off" doing it... she'll eventually do everything she has to, but after that she'll just go lie in front of TV and be in a bad mood. If I ask her: "Let's make lunch together", and we make some pasta (which she likes eating) she'll be OK with it, will get just a tiny bit "pissed off" with it, and as soon as she eats it, she'll go lie in front of TV.

She told me she'd like to paint and draw. I bought her pencils and paper and a book about drawing, and she was into it for 2 days. After that, it's all about watching the telly. Since money here in Croatia doesn't grow on trees, and I'm a student who doesn't make money yet, I cannot afford spending a lot of money on painting equipment, just to have her understand she likes TV better after a couple of days.

Money seems to be my biggest problem. She'd like to do things that cost money: travel, learn how to pilot a plane, drive a motorcycle, horseback riding... All of that is just way out of my league right now.

If I try to talk her into going for a walk, or in a park, she'll often like TV better.

She said she'd like to grow plants, and we bought some equipment for that, and after 2 days of planting the seeds in the ground, she's already getting "pissed off" at the seeds not growing up.

Whatever I try to talk her into doing, she'll say she doesn't really like doing it. It's kind of getting on my nerves a little, so I'm turning to you with question:

How do I help her find a hobby which will take her away from the TV and make her a happier (and more cheerful) person?