I am a sophomore at in college, majoring in Fine art. I live at home with my mom in a dilapidated home which I have been eager to get out of for years. I have a small bedroom that's cramed with years of collecting things I need. I NEED MORE ROOM! Exspecialy with art. I am expected to finish projects at home. I wish I had an art studio separate from where my bed lays and where my clothes are stuffed in a small closet. I don't even have a desk just for homework or drawing. Anyway... I really want to move out on my own. But I go to school part time and work 2 days a week at the most- for $9 an hour.

So. My question... how do you guys do it? Do you take out all the loans you can get and live off that and plan on paying it later? I assume that's an easy thing to do if you are attending graduate school. (you're going to make a lot of money when you graduate!) I might get a mastor's in art... but even that won't get me very far. Do you think it would be bad idea for me to live off loans? I'm terrified of debt but I'm tired of living with my mom.

I'm 20 by the way, how old were all of you when you moved out? I know a lot of kids who moved out right when they were 18 (which is what I always thought I would do when I was a teen) but they ended up back with their parents not even a year later. I'd like to hear all of your experiances and advice on the subject.