I am 18 years old. 5 feet tall,and 80 pounds. My life is 50-50 with people and their comments. There's the girls that see me and say "Omg,you look sick! Go eat a burger!" Then there's the girls AND guys who say "Your so lucky I wish I could eat as much as you & be that thin!" It hurts my feelings and makes me actually cry some days I hear the comments about being "sick" looking. I struggle every single day to gain weight,I've been trying since 11th grade. I'm just going to be starting college in September and am so embarrassed to even go there looking like a 13 year old girl! I have tons of protein shakes a day! The ones that have whole milk with them and everything! I eat potatoes,peanut butter,eggs.. everything that's supposed to make you "fat". I even eat junk food all day,everyday sit on my butt and do nothing and still can't weigh anymore then 80 freakin' pounds. I just want to weigh like 95 pounds and I'll be happy. Please help. I want boobs,& a butt for summer.. I just want to look normal,I eat normal so why can't I look like everyone else! =,( Any PILLS? DRINKS? FOODS? Something!