I recently got placed in am MNC and since its my first job, I am a bit conscious.

Its been a fact that all through my life I have been really slow in making friends but ones I am friends with someone slowly and gradually, that becomes a life long relationship for me and the person.

Secondly my group interaction or forming a group quickly for example when a fresh batch starts most of the people who talk a lot or are extrovert quickly form a group while I seriously lag behind in that.

Moreover, for the first one year in any new place I am almost a loner until I see someone genuinely showing interest in being friends with me and slowly we develops the bond as the time passes. Its like a slow process for.

Pros: I have friends that I can really count on and who really adore me.

Cons: Facing loneliness for quite some time until I make a couple of friends of my own plus I am not being invited to most of the parties since I am poor in group socializing but that doesn't bother me since my friends give me all what I need but until I make them its bit of a loneliness that troubles me.

Now, since this will again be a new place I know what's coming. Again the same loneliness may this time less cause I have a friend who also got selected with me in this company itself but still it will be.

Will my incapability to socialize immediately rather I take my time to observe and open up, prove a disadvantage for me in my career growth in corporate??

Please help to give me a direction how to handle myself.