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    Aug 17, 2016, 08:26 AM
    Being underpaid and asking for a raise
    I have been working for my company for 6 months and they just did a salary review of everyone and the people who were employed with or after me got the salary review while I heard nothing and my salary is still the same apart from the fact that I got a slight increase since I succeeded my probation (however, I was advised that I would increase by this much in my contract so it is definitely not the salary review that they did). I was very tempted to tell HR regarding this, however, I was afraid that I would sound very ungrateful so I decided not to.

    However, now a new employee got recruited and he has just graduated (so he is not more experienced than I am since I have a degree and 1 year work experience in total) and I heard him say that he has been given an X amount of salary which is the same as my salary AFTER my probation (he would increase when his 6 months are over and get a higher salary than mine!). Additionally, I was asked by my manager to start doing abnormal support 24/7 and I am very angry and disappointed to say the least that I would be given more responsibility and from all the employees I was the one that was not given the salary review!

    How should I handle it? I want to email HR about this but I do not know how to word this and not sound ungrateful (NB we cannot discuss how much we earn so I don't know if I should say that I heard an employee do so).

    Thanks in advance!
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    Aug 17, 2016, 09:48 AM
    They are free to pay new and newer employees more. There is no rule that everyone is paid the same at start, at probation, at 6 months and so on.

    It is how we negotiate the pay, we are to get. (assuming this is not a government or union job where pay is set)

    You say nothing about a new employee, since what they make is none of your concern and you may have heard wrong. People often lie to make it sound like they make more.

    If you did not get a review, don't say anything, just ask, hey, I notced I did not get a review yet, when do I do mine ?
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    Aug 17, 2016, 10:45 AM
    I agree about lightly mentioning that you were the only one (were you the only one, for sure?) who didn't get a review who was supposed to get one.
    It's possible that reviews were given only to those who were going to either get demoted/reprimanded/fired, or those who were going to get promoted, and you were status quo, but there's nothing wrong with asking.
    NEVER go above anyone's head, and that means always go first to your supervisor, unless your problem is clearly with that person, or if you are pretty sure that you are getting wrong information.
    It sounds like you work for a company that has a policy handbook. If it says that you get a review, then just calmly point out that you were overlooked.
    If you are expected to do more work, then also (calmly) say that you should get a raise.
    The economy is slowly improving and it's possible that the new people were offered a bit more. It's also possible that the one person demanded more in the interview.
    There's a whole art to 'demanding' without sounding ungrateful. It takes a polite, cheerful attitude while being a bit ruthless at the same time.
    Be direct about it. Plan it. Stay serene. Just say 'I know I'm worth a raise above the contract. I am glad to learn new things and to work hard, but I need X amount more.'
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    Aug 17, 2016, 12:11 PM
    Can you simply ask your boss about YOUR raise review without bringing up anyone else's name but YOURS? That's the way I would handle that situation.
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    Aug 17, 2016, 06:00 PM
    You are only worth as much to a company as value you can provide to them. Nobody is "ENTITLED" annually and certainly not after only 6 months with them.

    The other people... probably have proven a greater knowledge than you have and have sold themselves better than you have.

    And at a year... you still barely know your job (I've worked for a number of employers since graduating college 35 years ago so yes I can make that statement from experience)... and if you have learned everything about it in 6 months... then its not a very valuable or difficult job. And that kind isn't worth much money.

    Tough situation... you don't have nearly enough experience to be worth more to another employer yet, and with only six months here... its going to be REALLY easy to sound ungrateful and greedy. Sort of like walking on the edge of a knife, slip and you get hurt bad.

    It's a lot more about HOW you ask than just what you ask. And picking the right time to do it.

    I've dealt with such situations in the past by finding a higher paying job... it was always easier to get a better starting salary with a different employer than to get the same raise out of the one I was with.

    Though as was mentioned, no harm in asking about the review.

    Yeah I've other people hired in at higher rates...and when I didn't get the raise they got despite not knowing as much...(you can use the knowledge of what someone elses gets compared to you to judge what value they feel you offer).

    I'd rather work someplace that values me highly than someplace I have to fight for every single dollar I get. There are plenty of them out well as plenty who will pay a pittance because they can get people willing to work for it.


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