Ok here are the details:

I live in the state of Florida. My boss is the OWNER of the company I work for and they're both terrible. When I was hired I was told that my weekly salary was a SET salary- I signed a paper saying that I made X amount of dollars per week. I was also told that my hours were Monday-Friday 6:30am-3:30pm... However, since working there nothing I was told upon being hired was true... My salary is NOT a SET salary. If I miss a day due to illness or even if there isn't enough work and HE asks ME not to come in- he garnashes my wages. At times I go get to go home early however there have been several times I've stayed until 6:30 or 7pm and get NO extra pay for doing so... He says that it evens itself out... However this information was NOT made privy to me when I was hired. I don't know what to do- he is playing with my money but in this recession, I do need my job. What are my options??

& just to let you know how crappy things really are- upon being hired I was told that I would receive a daily 1.5hr lunch break, however, today was the FIRST day I've ever sat down and had lunch while I've been working there and I've been there nearly 3 months. And that limited time was the 7 minutes it took me to eat my food.

I think that he is racist against black people because he is always making comments in regards to the music I listen too... And I have seen several black people come in for an interview and never get hired. (black men in general) some of which seemed very qualified for the position, but I've also seen him do interviews with Caucasian people and he even speaks to them differently. I know that there has only been ONE black person hired in the 3 years he's been in business (a female college student) & she nolonger works for the company...

What should I do?