I am just devastated by the way my son treats me. Tonight he called me a ho and tells me every day that I am worthless. I have been here for him while his father, my ex husband went years without seeing him at all. I have helped him so much and tried so hard to give him a decent life. I am off work right now because my older son was seriously injured in an IED blast in Afghanistan last year and it put me right over the edge. I am trying to get my life back together but every day he tears me back down. He is 6'6" tall and over 200 pounds, very intimidating when he is angry, which is often. He hates everything I say and do. I have tried everything from ignoring him, to taking him to counseling (where he will not talk or says everything is fine) to disciplining him, to no avail. His father is no help as he blames me as he always has. We have been divorced since my son was three years old. I am a professional with three university degrees which I did while raising my kids as a single parent. I have given my kids the best life I can. Now all I get is abuse. It is sad but I really feel worn out and hopeless.