My daughter is 22 and has been anorexic for 9 years. She was a cheerleader in high school for 2 years, but she was in hospitals for anorexia so she was not picked for her varsity year. Her younger sister was on the squad all 4 years at the same high school. She put us through years of therapy and I just spent a lot of time with the other sister. I went to her pep rallies and football games and competitions. She made me happy. But now, she is in jail for forgery and she was on herion. The 22 year old moved out in February. We went to movies, dinner, a cruise and shopping together. Now, she won't talk to me.She hasn't talked to me for 3 months and I don't know what to do. She claims that I stopped being her mom when I stopped being her daughter. She says I favored her drug addict sister over her and I took everything away from her and shunned her because of her anorexia. My other daughter passed away 4 years ago and the anorexic one wound up in the hospital after and refused life saving potassium so she was conserved and made a 51/50. My husband and I and her sisters spent so much time dealing with her issues for 8 years, We even had CPS at our house. She wanted to compete with her younger sister. She tells me I visit her sister in jail who is on drugs. I told her that we visited her every time she was in hospitals and we went to enough therapy sessions it got to be ridiculous. She is blaming me but when she wa home she never blamed me.I don't know what to do.I She says that I kicked her out but I didn't kick out her sister. We sent her to live with her grandparents sometimes because we thought that every time she came home from institutions she would go right back, if she was away from us she would get better. Every time we kicked out her sister , her sister would wind up in drug places. I would bring her home because I didn't want her to die. She is making me feel guilty. What should I do? She won't answer any of my calls or text messages or voice mail. I tell her I am sorry if I hurt her but I only did what I thought was best at the time and that I love her