I have a 21 year old step daughter who thinks the world revolves around her every want and need. She just graduated from college. We paid for 100% for everything, tuition, rent, books, food, gas, car insurance and 3 cars over six years. She is a great student and wonderful around other people but she has this other side... the devil. The minute she doesn't get what she wants she goes crazy. She starts verbally attacking me. We just bought her a 17k car... (which is her 3rd car) She crashed her last one 3 times while texting and driving... I told her it makes our insurance go up when she gets in accidents. Her response was you don't have to pay child support to my mom anymore... you can afford it. After the accidents she insisted we fix the car asap.. she was not going to drive around with a big dent in her car! We wanted to trade her car for a newer on after she graduated. She was so upset that we would not buy her a new car... or a more expensive car. Why does she feel so entitled? Have we done too much for her? She graduated early and thinks she is entitled to take the rest of the year off because she saved us so much money by graduating early. What should I tell her?