My 14 yr old step-daughter has a lying problem. First let me tell you that she is a sweet girl who loves her family and church. She came to live with us full time about 3 years ago.
So, her older sister came to us a couple of days ago and told us that Angela was spreading rumors at school that she'd had sex last summer and was pregnant. Which was bogus because she's had a period every month. But I confronted her about the sex issue, very calmly asking her to tell me about it as a concerned parent. She didn't really want to but I told her that it was very important. She proceeds to tell me this story about this boy who basically rapes her and she has kept it a secret because she was so ashamed of it. She even told me that she cut class, went to the store and stole a pregnancy test. I had a feeling that she was telling me a big one but my inner mother said what if she's telling the truth and we don't believe her. My husband after talking with her also came back to me and told me that Angela was lying but I wanted to believe her, because one day it's going to be real and someone has to believe her. So she was embarrassed because all her friends as school were making fun of her so I let her stay home from school. THe next day I told her that she needed to get ready because I was taking her to planned parenthood to see if she had got a STD from this "guy" and they would also be able to check to see if she's really had sex. She proceeded to run to the bathroom and "throw up", and after about a half hour confessed that it was all a lie. She claims that she doesn't know why she did it, she blames it on everything and everyone she can. SHe lied about a "broken foot" that I took her to the doctor for. She lies about the dumbest things. I'm sick of being taken advantage of. Her mom wasn't a very compassionate person, so I guess I want to make up for her mother destroying this sweet person. I guess I'm looking for advice and a creative way to break this bad habit that will eventually destroy her future relationships.