Okay, I'm 14 years old, and I cannot stand my step dad. He is evil. I may sound like I'm being irrational but I'm not.
My mom's husband is crazy. Literally. He always says my mom is cheating on him, when all she does is WORK because he won't. She goes to work and comes straight home.
He's cut her off from her friends. And he's hit her multiple times, but then right after he does it he says he never hit her.
Does this make sense to you? Because it doesn't to me.
A few days ago he came home from doing something and it was around nine at night. He walked in started fighting with my mom who was asleep. I was in my room, trying not to listen.
Then it got so loud I couldn't help but listen. Then my mom screamed and I just thought she was getting frustrated with him, but then she screamed my name and I ran out to the living room. He had flipped the couch over with my mom on it! I, of course flipped out. And then I walked back to the bedroom and he started screaming insults at me.
So I said hit me! Hit me one time and see what happens. He didn't hit me. I started cussing him out. Telling him to go die, etc.
Then my mom came into my room so she could go to sleep. No sooner than we had lain down he opened the door and told her to come talk to him. I told her not too and he screamed at me again and I flipped him off.
They went out there and fought for another good two hours.
I don't know what to do anymore. Nothing I do is good enough, he won't leave my mom alone.
I'm not afraid of him. But my mom is.
She just won't listen to me. I know I'm right.
What should I do?