Hello out there,
I have seen a lot of comments on problematic daughters in law but none on sons in law.
The problems I have with my son in law are almost the same as many mothers in law
Have with their daughers in law. Before my daughter became a mother to a lovely three year old boy I did not notice much apart from that he was a bit special and very close to his family. What disturbs me about him is that he is rude and gets annoyed on the phone when I (or my husband) phone and want to speak with my daughter which I do as little as possible. When we are there which is not very often either he does not show off the first 15 minutes (to show us he does not give a sh... about us). I think it is rude and disrespectful. I do not expect him to like us but I would like some respect which we do not get. Lately he has been like that to our other daughter and she is fed up with him. I think he lacks social intelligence. This of course makes everything more difficult us being grand parents now and having family relations. It seems that his parents come whenever they please and as my daughter and husband have very little time as they both work, the time they have is occupied by his mother and father and other family members. She sees my grandson very often. I feel ignored by them as if we don't exist. I worry a lot and it puts a lot of strain on my nerves. Sometimes I think maybe my daughter prefers her in-laws to us. That is hard to bear because then I have to ask myself where did I go wrong. I thought we had a good relationship with our daughter. Now it is as if this woman tries to pull my daughter over to their family. I know it looks as if I am jealous but I am just very hurt and angry at this woman for her inconsideration. Sometimes I just want to give up the battle (a terrible word - I don't want it to be a battle). My daughter is expecting another baby and I am not even looking forward to it as I expect the whole thing will even get worse. To his advantage I must say that he seems to get on well with my daughter (or she is not telling me everything) and seems to be a good father. I dread for the future. Can somebody give me som good advice? Should I just give up? I mean I cannot change him. I don't know what to do.