My son will be 17 on April, and he just decided one day not to talk with me and call be ***** everyday(everytime I ask him something or tell him to eat). He hasn't been eating a lot and after our trip back home he was still talking with me but after attending so many school activities and such... he has gone colder and colder. He hasn't talk with brother for about 9-10 months now... he decided not to to avoid one of those fights which he hated,and now me. I have not done a terrible thing but continue to encourage him to talk with his brother and just be nice... and try to get along.
I will never give up on him. He has no vice but playing piano... he is in gifted class... Great brains with very little emotion to the whole family.I told him he has to see a doctor but he said no... there is nothing wrong with him ,he just is not selling out with what other peoples belief and what should he be doing to his life must be on his own decision... and also now the brother who turned 18 is feeling depressed too... but don't want to talk with anybody. When I asked for help and referred to the doctor I learned that I can not forced him to go... unless he or my family is in danger... I think both needs to see the specialist... but the youngest(16) is getting so thin he needs it quickly... Please help.