My pre-teen son, age 12, already acts like a teenager. He is frequently disrespectful to me and more so to his stepdad (who has been there since he was 4 years old). Sometimes he acts like he doesn't love my husband, who loves and cares for us both. He smarts off a lot and answers our questions with a rude, disrespectful tone. My husband and I want to be peaceful and are worried about what he will be like in 4-5 years if this trend continues. He rarely wants to spend time with us, and thinks the things we enjoy are "stupid". My son is a very bright kid. We have always been very close and still are when he's not in trouble for the attitude. I feel like we are always grounding him and it's not helping. We've tried talking to him and he ends up raising his voice and getting defensive, which just gets himself in more trouble. How do I help him be the light-hearted, fun guy that he is inside.