Our 18 year old son tells so many lies we are at the stage we can't believe anything he says. He went out on Monday night was going to be back for midnight and he didn't come back until 8pm on Saturday night. During this time he made no contact with us at all -i only found out where he was through contacting friends of his who asked around etc and texted me to put my mind at rest.
He is unemployed and at college couple of days a week -has made no attempt to find a job and basically sleeps until mid afternoon, gets up showers, eats and goes out with friends until late at night. He keeps saying he will be home at a certain time and I would say 80-90% of the time he doesn't turn up.
When he was around 14 he fell in with a bad crowd took cannabis and dropped more or less out of school. We muddled through and he seemed to improve for couple of years but this last month has been hell again. In between times he has been a bit better but its never been normal and we have never really been able to trust him .
We love our son and are at our wits end -our family is being torn apart and we live with continual fear he is going to go off the rails.
Can anyone please, please help us.