I am a desperate single disabled mother with a 18 year old son that refuses to move out of my home. He has been very abusive (threats, pushed me, yells, swears- uncontrollably, has temper tantrums (serious), punching holes in walls, blames me for not having his father etc). This is a child that I love very much but has become impossible to live with. Example: He will suddenly blow up if I dare to say NO or even try to be a mom. He suddenly acts like a wild man! His girl friend (submissive), has admitted he has physically hurt her before and he has confessed to it! He has also confessed of his own nightmare w/abuse! But as time has gone by, he has gone into denial completely. When he was 17, ranting and raving at home about everything he didn't control etc. having problems attending school regularly, (as he had his own schedule), became a truant, grades started going down from A's to D,s & F,s, and then as a result, finally got transferred out of high school when he became 18 years old as the school got tired of his always sliding by the rules, and his coaches began to see that he lies and makes excuses for his lies. Most worrisome of all, I feel, he lives a dual life, and pretends to be the rich someone that he is NOT. His temper has gotten worse and worse towards me as he has decides to blame me for all his bad choices, school problems, not having a father in his life, and what hurts the most, for the hurtful past we have both suffered through together. A nightmare that led me to sacrifice my entire life to protect my child!

I have to emphasize the fact that this is a child that is extremely intelligent and always was #1 in Sports he won't settle for being #2. If you saw him you would never think for one minute that he had an anger problem, and he has convinced many counselors of this too! He was on medication at one time in the past and admitted being abusive to his best dearest friend, now he swears that I am just trying to ruin his reputation/life he is in denial about everything too painful to him. Just recently, I had to call the cops, as he had just threatened me and pushed me around, but they said there was nothing they could do until he was a adult, or I showed signs of being hurt. Very recently, when I called them again for help, scared to return home after a 10 day hospital stay (chronic illness), the cops stated that I have to continue to live in this nightmare until he hurts me or, or I serve him with an 30 day eviction notice, or restraining order (no promises that the judge will grant one without any wounds)! OK cops what about my heart wounds? As he goes on living a in his own total dream world, and the only ones that really know his full person, is myself, his brother and VERY passive girl friend! Hold on, yes the one he physically hurt in the past. He is not the typical street child, but is his own worst enemy! I am wonder if anyone out there has any ideas as to what I can do to make my 18 year old son leave and stop tormenting me? No one should have to live being abused verbally or physically. My precious son, the one, yes I have loved, protected and would sacrifice my entire life for, again, (another story). I end this now with a thought for all you moms out there, I believe that a moms love is "unconditional" unlike no other, but what comes with such love is pain! Being a parent is a responsibility that no one should take lightly! What does one do when her greatest nightmare has come to be... your precious child that you have wrapped your entire life around has become your worst enemy! Goodbye, thanks for listening.