I am a 44yr old woman who has 3 children. Daughter 25, she has 2 beautifil little girls aged 3yrs and 6yrs old. My son who's 20yrs old has a 3month old baby girl, and my youngest daughter is 17yrs old but does not have children at present. My son has not spoken to me for 4yrs. He refuses point blank for me to see my grandchild whom av never seen since the day she was born. Never am I allowed to buy her presents cards or the likes as they would never be given to her. My son hates his own sisters all his anties and cousins. He says he won't have anything to do with any of the family that has to do with me. My son was always really close to me when in his younger days. He was a great kid. Never in trouble with the police and always looked out for his mom. But then at the age of 15/1/2 he changed. The love he held for me has turned to so much hate and anguish. I moved to Scotland from England in 1990 to be closer to my mum who died in 1995. I Met a guy the relationship was great for the first few months but then it started to turn sour. He was mentally abusing me and my 3 kids, so I decided enough was enough, I left and returned back to England with my 3 kids who were still very young at the time. It wasn't long before he came to England begging for me to return in which I did, 2yrs later I left him again telling him I didn't love him, my son hated him at this time,but being pushy as he and his family was I once again returned. On my return his family saw an opportunity to get back at me for supposedly caursing their son stress within our relationship. Wickedly they got their cluches into my son and manipulated my sons way of thinking. My son spent all his time with them I began to see a change in my sons behaviour.I spent 10yrs with this guy but it wasn't a relationship we never slept in the same bed and never had sexual relations together it was more companionship. I met another guy 5yrs ago yes he was married and he is the sister of my now ex boyfriend. I want to stress that I had nothing to do with their marriage splitting up as their marriage was on the rocks before I came on the scene they have one son whom is 21yrs old. When my son found out I was seeing his best mates father he did not like the idearbut neither did his son. My ex boyfreinds parents and sister has poisoned my son against me and his entire familyby saying that me and my partner have committed such an unlawful crime that we don't deserve to have any kids because of what we did to them. My son thinks that the family he is with are the bees and knees. My partners son wouldn't speak to me for 4yrs but has now come round and talks to me often.My son has wished me dead and says that if I was lying in the gutter he'd keep on kicking me.I moved in with my eldest daughter and her kids for a short time as my son decided to stay and live with my ex boyfriendand family. Within that time my son came round and said he didn't care if my partner droped dead so I was angry and very hurt I reacted by throwing my son out of my daughters house. That was the very last time my son has recognised me as his mother. We only live 1 mile away frm each other and I see him regular but he just hangs his head in disgust won't acknowledge me atal.I have wrote letters to him but he doesn't read them. He ripps them up withou opening them. Av tried phoning him he just hangs upand tried stopping him in the street to talk but he totally ignores me. I have no way of getting through to him. He hates us all.I love my son to bits and want to have a mother son relationship again but he's making it impossible.He calls my ex boyfriends parent gran and grandad and my ex his father. Which he is NOT the father to any my kids. My son is now 20yrs old with a baby daughter whom id really love to see but I'm tired of getting nowhere. Please if there's anyone who could advise me on what I can do please help as I feel alone heartbroken and devastated.