Six years ago two years after we were divorced my ex wife wanted to move to Las Vegas and take the kids. After letting her know that I was not just going to let her move them 800 miles away she left without them. My ex has always put me down to the kids and she blames me for her move. After two years of attorneys and child advocates I won custody and they never moved. They visit her every summer and part of Christmas break. As they get older they want to move out there because they have no boundaries or rules. After telling them that they would not be able to stay out there the accusations have started flying huge. I got my three kids back last week from their summer break, and they are 3 completely different kids. They think I and my current wife are nothing but liars and their mom has plotted them totally against us.. I Don't NOW HOW TO FIX THEM. There is now another child advocate investigating child abuse.. ( this is the 4th time in 4 years) but this time the kids seem to be completely brainwashed and are listening and lying with their mom. Should I just let my kids move out there even though I know we will just be picking up the pieces in a year? Or do I win this thing AGAIN and deal with the consequences of my kids hating us for it? My ex is always in contact with the kids continuing to brainwash them and I can't stop it from happening or get the kids to listen to my side of the story. What's worse is they know their mom lies to them constantly and is always letting them down but they won't aknowledge it. She has been to Colorado once in 5 years to visit them. ANY IDEAS OR OPINIONS?