I'm the kind of person who is very passive and easy going. Mostly because at the first sign of confrontation I give in. I was divorced 3+ years ago after 20 years. My children hated their father and demanded he leave. He was dominateing and abrassive. They said he was cheating on me but I doubt it. None the less I desided it was best for my family to separate. At that time my oldest daughter then 19 insisted I never date as long as they were at home. I had no intention of doing so. However, I have met someone who I love and makes me very happy. He is also some what controlling and insists that certain rules be obeyed in the house. i.e. no underage drinking, no boyfriends spending the night. Helping with housework. And to the older girls, now 19 and 22, paying $50 a month rent to help with expsence. Also that they take care of their own animals, which I have always done. My older daughter had her boyfriend over to spend the night which I didn't know until that next morning. I don't appove of him but That's "none of my business". When my fieance asked to have a talk with him that next morning all hell broke lose. Now my children, no 22,19, 17 and their boyfriends took a vote and if I don't make my fience leave they will all move out and never speak to me again. The question I have is do I have a right to have someone in my life or not as long as my chiildren live at home? They think I've betraid them. I've never not been there for them and I think I am now but they hate this man. This is the hardest thing I ever had to decide. I could use some help.