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    May 31, 2017, 06:15 PM
    How much does a teen need to live off for a month?
    Okay so I'm 17 and I get a 300$ allowance. It seems like a lot I know, but I have to pay for anything I want or need. Which includes my medication, karate classes, clothing, school supplies, fun activities, giving/helping my church, (and now I'm paying for a car) and basically everything else in between. And for a long time I was also able to save 100$ a month, and had no problem budgeting, but now most my allowance is going for food. Like 100-200$ a month and I don't know what to do.

    My dad decided that to make me more independent I was going to have to start help paying for groceries. On every first of the month he gives me 200$ to spend on food -but- if I don't spend it all or only spend 100$ I can't go back and spend the rest or even keep it. So I have to pay for anything I want after that myself. I've tried planning out how much it costs before I go shopping but I'm always around 50$ off. (And keep in my mind I also spend about 20-50$ on nonfood items) Than as I go threw the month I always run out of things, realized I forgot things, food goes bad and I end up just having to make a lot of trips to the store that I have to pay for. And every little thing adds up! And keep in my mind I don't eat a lot of prepared food. As I have to cook a lot because there are not a lot of vegan items that are cheap.

    Oh also I'm a vegan. But I've never had a problem when it comes to health or paying for food. But now that I'm spending less money on fruits and vegetables (that go bad fast and cost more) I've mainly been eating starchy foods, like rice, bread and potatoes that are cheap, taste good and are inexpensive. And my food variety has been narrowed down drastically. And while I hate to say it, it's really been starting to affect my health. Im fatigued, trouble concentrating, memory troubles, am always hungry and it's affecting my sleep. I even started taking a B12 supplement, thinking my syptoms were because of that, but it's not really helping and it uses up even more of what little money I have.

    I just want to know if I'm being stupid and stuck up or if this is a fault on my dads part. On one hand I feel betrayed, stuck, frustrated and worried about money, but then again I think I can't help but wonder if I'm just overacting. Anyway any advice would be awesome thank you!
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    Jun 1, 2017, 06:40 AM
    You are 17, he's doing you a HUGE service making you learn how to budget yourself for the month while you still really do have a safety net (even if you feel like you don't)... lot of people have to learn it the hard way... because when your money runs out in the real world.. you go hungry, if you don't pay your rent, you get evicted, if you don't pay your car payment it gets repossessed, if you don't pay your utilities they get shut off.

    Life is about making hard can't say drat, I need more so run to dad or mom...after you spent what you made. You also can't live how you want to live if you can't afford to pay for that lifestyle. You have to make sacrifices where you can so you can pay what you must. Pie is only so big...and no matter how you slice doesn't get any bigger.

    Bills for Rent, Utilities, insurance and car come need to save something too every paycheck for months you need a little extra, then whats left you learn to make last. Its all about living within your means.

    You don't run off to parties or buy stuff you don't absolutely NEED if you don't have the extra money after you pay for everything else. Learning to separate WANT from NEED will put you well ahead of most other people your age. You will understand this soon enough....and be glad you did learn these lessons now while you see your friends get themselves in deep trouble because they didn't.
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    Jun 1, 2017, 07:23 AM
    One day you will thank your dad for teaching you the realities of life, and the skills to live in it on your own. Look at this like a home economics lesson to go with your schooling. Now if you want to waste time blaming your dad, and being a spoiled brat, that's up to you.

    It seems a better path would be make a better budget. Set priorities, and personal boundaries. Are you still living at home?

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