Our son has recently turned 18 and started his senior year. All has been going pretty well. He stays busy with school and working 30 hours per week. On his days off he spends time with his friends which I understand. We don't especially like him spending a lot of time at his 20 year old cousins house. He lives with 2 other 20 year olds and I know that my son drinks when he's there, but then spends the night so he doesn't drive.

I have been waiting for the "I'm 18 and can do whatever I want". Well it has happened. He came home the other night and asked help from my husband on figuring out a material list for his woodworking project that he's making at school. He chose to make a bar, which he said he plans to store at his cousin's house until some day when he gets his own place. We were not happy with his choice and told him he should pick another project. He stated "I'm not asking if I can make this, I can do whatever I want because I'm 18".

We are disagreeing on how to handle this. My husband wants to take away everything that we own and make him buy his own things... such as dirtbike, snowmobile, pickup.. since we currently pay for all of this stuff. I think this may send him out the door and possibly move in with his cousin. I do not want this and think it could cause many problems. Besides that, he needs to go to school.

What should we do?