I have a 13.5 daughter. She does not want to spend family time with the family (father, younger sister and brother including me). She is mean towards her younger sister. She does not want her sister to come in her room or spends time with her. She always on the phone talking to her friend. She does not go to bed when it is her bedtime. She watches TV and locks her room at night.

Whenever she has a free time, she is on the computer on myspace. I forbidden her from going on myspace but she ignores me. Recently, I taken her computer away from her room. She is doing her homework in the dinning room table where I can see her.

I want to trust her but feel that she is addicted to myspace. She does not clean her room and makes her bed. I have to constantly nagging her everyday. She barely does her chores around the house. She will help me with her little brother when she told her that she has to.

What can I do to improve my relationship with my daughter. I do spend alone time with her and talk about what is going on with her. Everyday, when I drive her home, I try to engage in a conservation with her and want her to be able to communicate with me. She does not make any comments when I talk to her.

Please help me.