I just learned that my daughter who is 13.5 has been talking on a phone at nights with a guy friend. I tried to call the number back and a young kid answered the phone; it appeared to be a cell phone. I hung up the phone, I just needed to confirm who she was talking to.

Lately, she can't get up in the morning for school. Tonight, my husband heard her talked on phone at 11:30pm and threw the cell phone against the wall. We put 2 and 2 together and firgure out why she can't get up in the morning, grades are dropping from last year and spent many hours on line chatting through myspace. We took the computer away last weekend; tonight she can't have her cell phone any more. She lost all her privileges at home by not using the home phone, watching TV.

I want to be an effective parent but feel that I can't communicate with her. She does not responded when I'm talking to her and asked to be excused when I'm done talking to her. Please give me some advice, I'm so frustrated as a parent.

She states that I'm too strict and does not understand her. I try to have an open communicate with my daughter but it appears that she takes me for granted and does things behind my back.