My husband and I have done what I would consider on a scale of 100 for parenting around 95%. Please someone help with your advise on what to do with my 21 year old daughter who left our home at 18 for college.

She was raised with strong moral values - by the way I have two daughters 21 & 22 years of age. My 22 year old is in her last year of college.

Anyway my 21 year old daughter gets pregnant within a few month of college has an abortion which I am not all for unless for health reasons and rape... Anyway, we all got over that bad experince. When only a month later she gets pregnant again by the same guy who she claims was a looser. She marries him. They both are very immature from the beginning when we told them to wait on family and marriage. He could not keep a steady job and could not keep out of other girls/boys beds. At the same time my daughter is not faithful to her marrigae either. My husband and I have paid over $10,000.00 on supporting our grandson. His parents did not and do not have a clue about raising a child and what it really takes. It is a lot more then I could even begin to write and the pain of it all goes much deeper then, I can express. It is like my daughter uses my grandson as ransom to totally disrespect my husband and I because she knows that we will not leave him and will always take care of him. We had to give this disrepectful daughter a car otherwise we would be the ones to take him to the doctor, and all the places a parent has to take a child. There are no buses here.

Now she is pegnant again by another guy - not her husband whom she claims she is getting a divorce. She wants to have this baby too.
My husband and I have worked hard over the past 24 years and we have done all we can do. I am thinking about moving away, but my husband says we can not leave the children to an unfit mother. Will we have to live the rest of our lives paying for my daughters sinful decisions? I am very upset - any suggestion will be greatly appreciated?:confused