I do not know what to do I have a 12 year old son and he is making my life a living hell. He smashes up my house, he has smashed windows, doors and ripped his bedroom curtains down, he has stolen money out of my purse, he lies, puts his hands around my younger 2 children's throats and he even held my youngest child's head under water in the paddling pool last summer. Social services have been involved with him before and I have tried to get them involved again but they just said we have done everything there is no more we can do for you.
He has even twice at school told the teachers that his dad has smashed his head into a wardrobe door and thrown things at him, these are totally untrue but resulted in us getting the police and social services at the door and because of this both me and my husband will have this show up every time we have a crb check done.
I can't take any more I have tried to overdose myself before to get away from this, I am on anti depressants and have counselling I just do not know what else to do!