My boyfriend has 3 children by three different women. They are 23, 24 and the youngest child - girl who he is most closest to is 20. They are VERY close and yes the other two feel like outsiders and have said as much. He's worked very hard at providing financially for all of them and on the outside every thing is fine. We have known each other for over 20 years and most recently spent more time together as more than friends. We've had intimacy/sexual issues over the last 5 months and he has asked to step back from that aspect of our relationship for a bit , but he still wants to keep the relationship going. Although its been difficult on me, I care for this person. One reason is that he's finally coming to terms with is childhood sexual abuse experience. I am gently pushing him to get help, but for now he's not done so. My concern lies in his relationship with his youngest daughter. She's going back to college soon, has her first boyfriend and is beginning to pull away... which was bound to happen. My concern is with his reaction. He still clings to her as if she were a child, and in some ways acts like she is more of a intimate girlfriend (not sexual) rubbing her shoulders, putting his arms around her, playing with her hair and I most recently found out that they when she visits they sometimes share a bed because he doesn't have a separate room for her. I have told him that I feel it's in appropriate for them to share a bed. He's 52 years old and she needs her privacy and he's still a male who can be aroused in his dreams and I know he wakes up with an erection, although to me he claims to have no desire. I'm so confused by all of this. Is there cause for concern?