I have three children and one of which has ADHD. All my children are struggling in school and are always needing my help with homework.

I finished my Associates in Science degree in Dec 06 at a local community college with a 3.87 gpa. I am currently a premed major and plan to either go to medical school or go for a master's degree in biology, after I achieve my BS degree. The university I will transfer to in the fall 07 is one hour from my home, one way! I will have classes from 8am to 5:30pm on most days. I am the first in my family to go to college and complete a degree. I am the only one in my family that plans to pursue past an Associates degree. I believe that education in important and I want to instill the importance into my children also. I want to set an example for them. No one ever mentioned college when I was growing up, so I didn't think about education after high school until I started thinking about my own children's future.

I took this semester off school to get my house in order. My children were as big a mess as my house! Grades were falling, personal hygiene wasn't important, and their behavior was very disrespectful, so I made the choice to stay home for one semester. We moved into our home this past summer and we still had boxes full, I needed to take care of my home and children. Now I have college friends and professors calling me to make sure I am planning to attend school in the Fall, which I do. But should I?

Here is my issue... Should I pursue my education or stay home with my children?

I am only looking for opinions or personal experiences.

My husband makes good money, so we can afford for me to stay home. There isn't a hurry for me to work, if I want. Actually, my husband wants me to stay home and not work or attend school... we have had many fights over me going to school.

My children don't like the idea of me going to school so far away and not being able to take them to and from school. I have always been able to arrange my schedule to match theirs until now. My children's grades are now improving, but it is with constant nagging from me for them to study.

I have finally got into a routine at home and am somewhat happy with it. It took me awhile to adapt, but it is nice having some freedom during the day. I want an education! But should I wait?

Am I neglecting my children and possibly hindering their academic future by chasing my own?
Am I sheltering my children too much by staying home and monitoring their every movement?

I must also add that, if I go on to college my children will have to return to public school, because we can't afford both tuitions. The public school system horrible and not by academics! My children attended public school here for 3 weeks before I took them out! My 5th grade girl had to sit between two boys talking about how they were going to rape one of the girls in class. My 4th grade girl was bullied everyday and petrified to go to school. My 2nd grader was shoved in the road by another student. And when I met with the principle to discuss the matter... She met me with cut off jean shorts and a tshirt... She rolled her eyes and told me that my kids were lying. She didn't care and wouldn't listen!! Should I send my children back to a school like this?

What would you do?

PLUS... I can't attend on a part time basis, because there is a time limit between when you take certain classes and when you attend masters programs. It is an all or nothing deal.