I have tried to be a good Mom to my daughter, I have always tried to give her the best of all she needs and many of her wants.

My problem is how disrespectful she has been to me. It has recently escalated to the point of abuse. I lost my job 3 years ago and had to move into her apartment with her. At one point she did not have enough money to pay bills, and I would borrow from family and friends to help pay the bills, once finding a job, I would give her 200 per month on rent, and buy all food and household supplies for the house. I have since stop working the retail job because of health and have been receiving unemployment which helps with the bills. I buy her nice gift when I have it, I take her to movies and dinner when I have the extra money, and when I receive money I always give her extra on her bills. I even give her 500 or more when I receive money from school.. The problem is her total disrespect of me. She curses me all the time and tell me how she wish I wasn't near her and how she's miserable with me in her house. I sleep on a cot in her side room, I never go in her room at her request. I cook all the meals, and keep the dishes and house clean. My problem is I have no where to go. She is my only family. Right now, her car is broken and my car is the only transportation, she uses my car to get to work and I actually put the gas in the car, pay the insurance and my bankruptcy and keep food in the house. She takes my car in the mornings and do not attempt to come home until late at night and gets angry when I asked if she could bring me something home on her way home with my money. She's lied to people of how I have treated her, she has lied to people that I have abused her,she actually lied to the police I was distributing drug when she was a teenager. She has called me all kinds of ugly names and I keep trying to make a way to her heart, I have asked is there something that happened in her life she thought I should have protected her? I have actually tried to pay her just to be nice to me for a while. Yes, I know it sounds sad but she is all I have left as family.

I know the best thing would be to move out, but I have no where to go, nor the money to move. I don't know what to do. Any advice?