My husband and I are very concerned for our daughter. She is a bright and beautiful young lady. She received a full college scholarship. In our daughters junior year of college she announces to us that she is taking a break form school. We thought that she might just need a vacation. Then she announces that she has been stripping.

We talked to her and asked her why would you want to become a stripper. One of the girls at her college dorm took our daughter to work with her one night. Our daughter said the money is great. She keep telling us that she can go back to school anytime. Our first thought was she hooked on drugs. She said she was hooked on the money. She said she can make $1000 a night.

We begged her to reconsider. She was not an abused child, she grew up with both parents, she is a great kid, she was involved in lots of extra curricular activities at school. She does not have self esteem problems, she has never done drugs or drank alcohol. She was a normal kid.

My husband and I have cried ourselves to sleep. We thought about the environment of a strip club is not a place that anyone would want to see their daughter in. We talk to about the men at the clubs. We warned her about men following her home, touching her, thinking that she was putting herself out there.

Now we found out that she is living with a young man just a few years older than she is. She said that meet at a book store. But I believe she meet him at work. She tells us what a great guy he is and works at a bank. I asked he if his family knew what she did. She said no. She says he loves her. I told her if he loved her he would not let her go and take her clothes off for money every night. If he truly loved her he would be bothered by other men looking at her nude etc.

Then we found out that she was paying for some of the remodeling to his house. I told my daughter her boyfriend was nothing more than a pimp. I told her that was not her house it was his house. I told her if he loved her he would make sure that she finished school and get her out of the strip clubs.

My daughter will not speak to me anymore she has just cut her family out of our life. In the middle of the whole mess I was in a car accident. A woman rear ended me at a stop light and I have since had 2 back surgeries. I have spinal cord injury.

My brother in law said that the truth hurts. He believes what I said to my daughter hurt because it was the truth. I am so worried that this young man will hurt her. How do we get our daughter back in our lives and back in school.