My 30 year old daughter has been so mean and hateful to me, and I keep trying to fix it.

I divorced her Dad when she was a senior in high school for reasons I will not go into here. Our marriage lasted 21 years. Last ditch effort was to threaten to leave him, and that blew up in my face. He was a doctor, and a nurse in his office saw her chance and got in there and even paid for my moving expenses. I was devistated, but I made the threat, I had to go. He married this woman as soon as the ink was dry on the divorce papers. My daughter chose to stay with him. She went to college and graduated. She then decided her and her boyfriend wanted to move to the state where I was. I made the arrangement, and my new husband flew to her state, helped them load a truck and dove them to where I live. Two months after that she stopped speaking to me. 2 years went by with me trying to figure out what happened. She cheated on her boyfriend with a loser, he got her pregnant, and left her in debt. She moved back to her home state, got an abortion. (Total abortions =5) One morning at 5:30 am she turned up on my doorstep. I took in in. She only had the clothes on her back. I let her live her, bought her clothes, She got her old job back. Afte a few months she wanted her own apartment. She found one, and I paid for the security deposit, furnished it down to the silverware. A year went by and the area she lived in became dangerous and someone was murdered in her complex. I wanted her to have a safe place to live. We looked for a house for her to buy in a safe neighborhood. Found a foreclosure, I put the down payment down, bought her appliences, furniture, fixed the sewer system etc. Lots of money. Everything was fine until she met an ex homless addict. He moved in. I was supportive, even bought the engagement ring. NOW, she has excluded me from everything to do for her wedding, after I sold my $12,000. Engagement ring for her deposit at the venue she choose. Her fiancé wrote me several e mails about what a worthess piece of crap I was and he didn't want anything to do with me, and she is right behind me. And the kicker is, she has her step mom and his step mon all involved in the wedding, but expects me to pay the rest of the bill. What was to be the happiest time in my life is very, very sad.No planning, no picking out the dress with her, nothing. My sister says I should go to the wedding, my new husband says if I go I will be humiliated by her, the finial punishment for me leaving her dad.
Help please... sould I go? Should I just go on with my life and realize I have been used?