My son is in the Army in Ft. Benning GA. He left 2 months ago. I recently found out that his girlfriend cheated on him. I confronted both of the parties because the guy she cheated with is one of my sons close close friends. They confirmed that it did happen and that it was a huge mistake. Each blames each other. The girlfriend says she has made the biggest mistake in her life and that she loves my son so much and doesn't want to lose him. I am so confused. My son is so homesick as it is, he is doubting his decision to join the Army but is pushing through knowing that he cannot change his mind now. He says he just holds on by thinking of me, his family and his girlfriend. Here is my question. Do I tell my son in a letter that his girfriend cheated. Do I wait until I go see him for Graduation? I am torn. My husband says tell him now. He will have time to process it and move on by the time he graduates. I just don't think it is that simple. I am scared to tell him while he doesn't have any family or friends to lean on. Please help!! What would you do??